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48We are dedicated to helping all people expand awareness of their inner Light and to pray more effectively.

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Living the Light! UR Advance 2016

Light Photo UR Advance Event

Light Center founder, Jim Goure, sought out techniques to offer students on a Spiritual Path, because he believed that our birthright is becoming Light. In this time of New Energy and change on Earth, we have an opportunity to embrace our Identity of Light.

Join us as we explore the art of Being Light in our world.

Early registration for entire events (includes 5 sessions) $70 by October 22. Onsite registration: $80 or register for individual sessions $15 each.

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Advance Schedule 

Friday, October 28, 7 – 9 PM 

Welcome:  Sarah Gayle        

Opening Prayer by Master of Ceremony:  Jonna Rae Bartges 

Jonna Rae is one of the original Light Center volunteer group. Author, Emmy winner and Reiki Master, “Happy Medium” Jonna Rae Bartges has been psychically consulting and teaching for 37 years. She is a spiritual counselor, minister and founder of PSI (Practical Spirituality Institute)

Solo Piano Concert by Richard Shulman

Richard Shulman – Composer, pianist and recording artist who has created music for meditation and divine connection since 1984. He is a long-time friend of the Light Center and composed Light Music, an album for our Light Chamber.

Saturday, October 29, 10 AM – Noon  

Sacred Sound by Aleeiah Sura

Aleeiah Sura composes and sings, accompanying herself on the handpan. She sees sound and music as devotion and love songs for the Divine.

Moving Toward Unity — Blessing and Talk by Jay Goure

Jay Goure – Has practiced and taught meditation for a number of years on four continents.

Lunch at Light Center Lodge  (Pre-order by Oct. 22 or bring your own)

Saturday, 2 – 4 PM

Sacred Sound Invocation: Carol Stroupe

Carol Stroupe – She describes her music as sound healing and improvisation, coming from a balanced state, where she invites Spirit to create vibration and tone for connecting to one’s own Divinity.

Living the Light! – Apollo & KahThorun Syverson with original songs by TyraFiona

Your mission is not a road, it is not a path. Your mission is not a profession, and it does not require that you build on anything. There are some of you who believe that your mission on earth has to be grand, and maybe it will be someday. But it does not begin outside of you.

Your mission more than anything else, is an attitude. It is something you practice everyday, from the privacy of your home, how you live in society, and how you respond to all the unpredictable elements and situations of life. Your mission is an attitude, small and subtle.

It starts off slowly. It grows, as you create space within. It expands, as you expand your love. It builds, as you build loving and caring communities. It unfolds, as you embrace more and more of your inner essence,
and acknowledge the inner light that emanates from all life.

Your mission is an attitude, that over time will become an attitude of light.

You do not discover it from thinking, or trying to make everything just right outside of you.

You begin to discover it, through cultivating your inner essence, through feeling and being light, through feeling and being love, and through radiating this vibration to all who you can.

As your capacity for light grows, and you share it with love, energies from the divine descend, and you one day find yourself as a being, who naturally and effortlessly lights the way for others.

Apollo Le Seir Syverson, is a New York Times best-selling Author, Divine Healer, and Teacher of Living In The Light. KahThorun Dream Wyiver Syverson, is a committed and devoted mother, world traveler, spiritual counselor, Energy Healer, and Teacher of Living In The Light. They are twin flames, have two teenage children, and live in Black Mountain. They have guided thousands to self-empowerment and embracing their divine life mission.  Their musician daughter, Tyra Fiona, will be performing some of her original songs.

4:30 – 6  Time for informal prayer

Saturday, 7 – 8:30 PM 

This is your opportunity (optional) to “dress up” for the evening.

Stillness Dancing: Invitation to Deep Inner Peace with Marina Raye.

Marina Raye – We are thrilled to host this return concert. Marina Raye is world-renowned as the “Feminine Voice of the Native Flute”.  Her music is used by many in the healing professions to invoke a state of tranquility and a sense of closeness to nature. She draws inspiration from her deep love for the Earth as she shares her vision of the awakening of peace in every heart.

We are thrilled to host this return concert. 

Sunday, October 30, 10 AM – Noon

Crystal bowl meditation with Rev. Heidi Peck

Rev. Heidi Peck – An ordained minister, she leads spiritual retreats, crystal bowl meditations, workshops, and other events.  Heidi leads the First Sunday Celebration and participates in Mind Body Spirit Day at the Light Center.

Group Prayer – Holding Light for the Election Process, facilitated by Chris and Dr. Leslie Cotney

Chris and Dr. Leslie Cotney – Chris was an original Light Center volunteer. He now works in IT and serves on the UR Board of Directors. Leslie is a trained psychotherapist and counselor. Both have been involved with prayer and United Research since the early days.

Early registration for entire events (includes 5 sessions) $70 by October 22. Onsite registration: $80 or register for individual sessions $15 each.

Click here to register for all sessions or individual sessions