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Weekly Prayer 2/17/18

Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure told us that our Light center, located in the solar plexus, is the key to opening all of our energy centers. That’s why, in the Seven Steps to Effective Prayer, we say, “I radiate the Light from my Light center….”

Our ability to utilize this center can be adversely affected by our emotions. Emotions usually are more powerful than thoughts. We can have the best intentions of doing something, but if our emotions are negative or if if they are on overdrive or if they are highly judgmental, we may not be able to think clearly much less be able to accomplish what we had set out to achieve.

By being emotional we play right into the hands of our wily ego. The ego continually seeks confirmation of its existence and its importance. It knows that if we get too deeply into the Light, it’s a goner. If it can distract us with powerful emotions, it can preserve its identity.

Fully God-conscious beings have no ego. They have identified so completely with the Divine, they have merged so fully with the Light, there is virtually no identification with the self that remains.

But to get to that point, God-conscious beings have brought their emotions under control. This is not to say that they have no emotions or that they are automatons. Not at all. They can still have many of the same emotions that the rest of us do:  happiness, sadness, and so forth. The difference is that they don’t let those emotions divert them from their focus on the Divine.

What should we do if we find ourselves under the sway of powerful emotions? You might try this prayer: “I release my emotions of ________________ [name the emotions] to the Light.” Just keep saying that prayer over and over. Be patient with yourself. Try not to judge an emotion as good or bad. Judging it gives it more energy. Just let it go and release it to the Light.

You might also inwardly scan your solar plexus to see what emotions may have lodged there that you haven’t consciously been aware of: “Thank you, God, for revealing to me the emotions that are lodged in my solar plexus.” Once you get a read on which emotions reside there, you might go back to, “I release my emotions of ________________ [name the emotions] to the Light.”

Only after you’ve worked on your own emotions, expand your prayer work to include others: “The Creator in _____________ releases all of his or her emotions to the Light.”

At the end of this process, you may feel lighter and freer, and for that you can thank the Divine: “Thank you, God, for freeing me to see and know only Thee.”

Love and Light,


Preview of March Events


We’re starting to see signs of Spring, even though it’s still February. The warmer days and flowers, promising the end of winter are welcome!

Our event calendar returns with the arrival of Spring. And we’re pleased to feature new artists and presenters, as well as our favorites. We’re also offering monthly sound healing events. This email will preview our schedule for March.

Our lobby is open from 10 to 5 p.m. seven days. Trails and labyrinth are waiting, come on out if you find yourself with Spring Fever!

To see who else is coming up, check out the Events listings on our Facebook page or website. 

Regular Events

Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Traditional Gentle Hatha Yoga with Karen Barnes. Suggested donation: $10.

Sundays, 10-11 a.m. Yoga with Catiana Bello. Suggested donation: $10.

March Events

Saturday, March 17, 7-9 p.m. A Journey into Breath, Body, and Sound with Zach Evans & Kennedy OneSelf.  Tickets: Advance $20; Onsite $25. Advance ticket purchase:
Saturday, March 24, 1-3 p.m. Accessing Your Superpowers from Oneness with Jessica Martinson. Tickets: Advance$20; Onsite $25. Advance ticket purchase:
Saturday, March 31 (10 a.m-Noon, 2-4 p.m.) to Sunday, April 1 (10 a.m.-Noon). Easter Prayer Celebration.  Group silent prayer and discussion on specific topics. Suggested donation: $10 

Weekly Prayer 2/10/18

Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure pushed things way beyond where most people were. Listen to what he had to say about being Divine:
“Be Divine” is the New Age commandment. It is as simple as that. Being Divine is the answer to all of the problems that one has.
Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducees, “Ye are gods.” The idea of even being the son of God is now old-fashioned. It is time to be Divine. Nothing else is acceptable. Being the son of God is a separation. IT IS NOT THE WAY!
We will be able to do away with the Bible. We have made it a god. It’s only the written word.  You must break out. Write your own bible and live by it.
From the very beginning, the total creation was GOOD. Therefore, there is no reason to judge.  The whole of creation is ABSOLUTELY GOOD! You need to hold to this point.  
Spirit is all-pervading. We work with that spirit. The spirit throughout causes people to change.  If you can work with this Light, it activates the Light in everyone, and they change.
If you would like to build on these thoughts, you might try a prayer such as: 
I am That. I am Divine. I am the Good that has existed since the beginning. I see this Good in everyone and everything. I am that Good. My loved ones are that Good. My home is that Good.  The people I work with are that Good. The city I live in is that Good. The nation I live in is that Good. All of humanity is that Good. Planet Earth is that Good. I am the Good that has existed since the beginning, and I am giving this Goodness to everyone and everything at all times and in all places.
Love and Light,