Weekly Prayer 3/18/17


Dear Light Group,

It’s so easy to be consumed by the little things of our daily lives or to be gripped with fear about the future or to be mournful about the past.

And yet, in different words and different ways, virtually every spiritual master has told us, “Be here now.”

In that vein, Jim Goure said, “Let go of all things in the past. Accept only the new Earth, one of Goodness and Light. It is time to release the old, to release the past, and to concentrate on the now of your life. There is no future. There is no past. Everything that is exists now.”

He also told us, “The Light within radiates from you to each one you meet. You are the example to the world. This is a new age, a new Earth. Begin to see the Light within everyone and everything–for it truly is there!”

To get into a consciousness of being present, of being here now, you might want to start by sitting calmly. With your eyes open, simply observe the things in the room where you sit. Observe the different colors of those things. Observe the different sounds in the room. If thoughts arise, simply observe them, and then let them go.

After observing things for a few minutes, you might want to experiment with the following prayers and see if they, too, help you be here now:

There is no future. There is no past. Everything that is exists now. Thank you, God, for the beauty of this present moment. Thank you, God, for the beauty of Thy Light radiating from within everything I see. Thank you, God, for the beauty of Thy sound in everything I hear. Thank you, God, for Thy beauty in everything seen and unseen.
The Light in me greets the Light in everyone I meet today, and there is a flow of Light between us.
Thank you, God, for the new Earth. Thank you, God, for Earth becoming a planet of Goodness and Light.

Love and Light,

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